White Fine Furnishings

Endless Color and Trim Combinations

Choose from any of our 14 proprietary color finishes, each as unique as the city for which it was named. White uses one of the most durable latex paint formulas available on the market. After the color is hand-applied, our artisans lightly glaze the finish and complete the piece by top-coating with an ultra-durable, low-sheen water-based polyurethane. The result is simply lovely.

For a small upcharge, we will gladly match any Benjamin Moore color. Because a custom color is very specific to your project, we will NOT use a glaze as it might slightly alter the finished color. We will, however, protect it with the same clear and durable polyurethane.

We offer the option to gently “weather” any finish for an instantly aged appeal. And finally, you can add custom painted line art (or custom artwork of your choosing) to truly personalize your purchase.

All color finishes and artwork are hand applied by our artisans.  This one-of-a-kind character simply can’t be found on a production line or from a spray booth.  The subtle finish differences shown by this process provide the uniqueness behind each piece in our line.

Please Note: Wood-stained finishes are available. We request a color swatch or a specified color.

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